the safety of the driver Replica Sunglasses China

VASTO (c) the sun glasses for a gentleman, so special attention on the choice that pledges in material, even if is a different style, different price, the materials are carefully selected Replica Sunglasses China

VASTO (China) plate frame picture frame and mirror legs use plank, material characteristic is not easy to burn, heat resistant, almost not affected by the color of sunlight, gloss durable, high hardness, relative wear-resisting, comparatively light, and comfortable wearing;

Lens is resin lens (CR - 39), is characterized by good pervious to light, high definition, heat resistant, not easy to deformation, water resistant, easy cleaning, impact resistance, not easy to be broken, high security, uv and prevent mist effect is better than the glass lenses Replica Sunglasses China

VASTO (c) stainless steel frame picture frame is made of stainless steel, can avoid the natural material such as air, steam, water, rust, can avoid the chemical material such as acid, alkali, salt caused by oxidation, not easy to cause skin irritation, high hardness, not easy to wear and tear, density is big, not easy to deformation; Its leg is plank; Lenses are polarized lenses, eliminate glare, to improve the visual effect and alertness, improve visual fatigue, let the wearer eyes and extremely relaxed mood, inspect content outline is clearer, effectively prevent ultraviolet harm to the eye, impact resistant, good eye protection and eye area Replica Sunglasses China

VASTO (China) cupronickel picture frame, picture frame is made of copper, is an alloy of copper and nickel, advantages of high hardness, good ductility, orthopaedic easier than stainless steel, metal luster, more show class, due to the relative scarcity of strategic materials “nickel”, so the price is to use the design of stainless steel to expensive; Its leg is composed of white brass and plank; The lens is polarized lens Replica Sunglasses China

VASTO (c) Japan titanium frame, picture frame for titanium, titanium alloy has good heat resistance strength, toughness and fracture toughness at low temperature, titanium has stronger corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, 43% lighter than steel Replica Sunglasses China Its leg from brass and TR90 plastic titanium, TR90 titanium (plastic) is a kind of polymer material with memory, is currently the most popular lightweight material, under the condition of equal size, weight is half plate, with super toughness and resistance against abrasion characteristics; Lens is blue film polarized lens Replica Sunglasses China

VASTO (c) the polarized lenses have hardened layer: scratch-resistant; High energy absorption layer: prevent fracture; Uv filter layer, prevent ultraviolet ray; , polarization filtering layer: eliminate glare Replica Sunglasses China Pay attention to the protection for drivers Replica Sunglasses China Facing the glare, the driver will be narrowed eye strabismus see clearly the road, which makes their eyes are easily fatigue, reduce the attention, also significantly slower reaction speed, what’s worse is strong glare causes the driver moment “blindness” which will harm the safety of the driver Replica Sunglasses China